BodyTalk and Reiki Clinic in Richmond

BodyTalk and Reiki are energy practices

Take some time for yourself to relax and release emotional, physical and energetic blocks at The Amethyst Tree Bodytalk and Reiki Clinic in Richmond, Nelson, NZ

Release your body’s stresses and get back to your true vital self.

Western Medicine traditionally treated the body as separate parts. Most medical practitioners will now agree that the body is far more complex.

As a Certified Bodytalk and Reiki Practitioner I understand that the body is a web of physical, mental, energetic and consciousness based systems.

Bodytalk and Reiki are energy based practices. By clearing negative energy, reestablishing links to attain balance and sometimes even working at a cellular level within the body to promote healing, we can work together to help your body return to an optimally functioning state.

The human body has a wonderful capacity to heal itself. At the Amethyst Tree I encourage you to ground, balance and heal. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

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