What is Bodytalk?

BodyTalk Richmond, Nelson NZ

BodyTalk draws on the wisdom of ancient medicinal traditions, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, together with the latest advances in Western medicine and quantum physics, clinical studies and the mind body connection. BodyTalk is consciousness based healing that focuses on the root of the problems rather than addressing the symptoms. The body knows how to heal itself. No diagnosis or prescription is offered. Instead, a rewiring session will reestablish channels of communication within the body. Then the body can start functioning optimally again.

A BodyTalk session explores what lies beneath the surface of the symptom.

Our subconscious mind lies beneath. All of the traumas, struggles, emotions, stressors, belief systems, physical and psychological events have contributed to creating symptoms that are now calling for our attention. When we hear and address the whole story, rather than just the tip of the iceberg, we are able to facilitate deep healing and rejuvenation. 

The BodyTalk System’s basic premise (shared with Quantum Physics) is that energy can transform matter and that we are all energetically connected. Matter and energy are inseparable. Experiments show that our thoughts are also energy. Plants can exhibit signs of stress when someone thinks about burning their leaves. Scientists found that dogs would respond to their owner deciding to return home by moving to their front door to await their return. When the practitioner tunes into the client’s innate wisdom, the exchange of energy happens instantaneously and communication is effected effortlessly.

What happens in a session?

I connect to the client’s innate wisdom. I let the client’s body “talk” and tell me what needs to be balanced. BodyTalk is non invasive and can do no harm. It uses neuromuscular biofeedback, light hand contacts, and gentle tapping (an ancient Hatha Yoga technique) to generate subtle electrical currents in the body. 

Clinical results have shown that once the communications systems of the body have been reestablished, and the bodymind complex is synchronised, the body is capable of healing itself at a deep and lasting level.

I have completed advanced courses in Consciousness, The Chinese 5 elements and Bio-Dynamics. The Consciousness advanced skills allow me to help you to shed yourself of accumulated masks and return to your true self. 

Bio-Dynamics skills allow me to work energetically with your body at a cellular level to help with sciatica, old injury restrictions and pain. The immediate relief and increase in mobility witnessed is miraculous. 


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