Distant Sessions

How does Distance Healing Work?

We are all connected. Have you ever thought about someone then they contact you? Or you know who is calling/texting before you look at your phone? The more that you work intuitively from your heart the more this will happen. 

We are all connected energetically to the quantum. We can connect to the quantum then connect to anyone in the world instantaneously. This sounds like fantasy but think about the internet, radio or even your mobile phone. You can’t see your wifi or radio frequencies can you? Think about the way birds fly together and suddenly change direction as one. They are connected. 

Bodytalk and Reiki are energy work. I am connecting with you energetically when I work with you in my clinic. Practitioners work remotely in different ways, I generally bring your energetic bodymind into my Mindscape clinic. By slowing my brain to theta waves there is no separation in time and space. When I do this I can sometimes gain even more information about you than doing a session in person. I will clearly see your energetic body, this can give great insights into your present wellbeing. I have had clients appear shrouded in dark clouds that needed to be cleared before we could commence with the session. Some clients even just need an energetic hug to centre them before starting the session.

Your body may communicate visually by showing me an organ or chakra that needs balancing.

The science underpinning this ability is in the field of quantum physics. Specifically quantum entanglement, which dictates that as the universe was born of the same matter, it cannot be separated. Dr Bernardo Kastrup used the analogy that we are each whirlpools with our own unique form within the same stream. 

Benefits of receiving distant healing.

You can receive it from the comfort of your own home.

You do not need to travel to an appointment. 

You do not need to face your practitioner, this has been a major benefit for those with xenophobia or just a dislike of/inability to talk. A session can be done easily with no contact and an audio of the session can be listened to and replayed in private. 

It requires no effort from you but you will still reap the benefits.

It works well for children or animals that are unable to stay still for the time required.

Read more about Dr Bernard Kastrup’s discussion of consciousness.


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