About me

For nearly 15 years I enjoyed being a Secondary School Mathematics teacher. When I understood on a fundamental level that I wanted a new path, I followed my passion. Holistic Medicine. I recognised that I can be anyone I want to be and that paths chosen, are not set in stone.

I have always been interested in understanding and helping people, coupled with a love of anything not easily explained.

Why do I get hit by waves of people’s emotions? How is that possible? I now understand that it’s just energy, we are all connected. Thoughts and feeling are energy.  If you’re interested in Quantum physics research the observer effect, it’s mind blowing.

Reiki and BodyTalk, although very different, both work towards the same goal, to release the accumulation of life and get back to your true self. I have personally found them both profoundly life changing, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Bearing witness to my clients journey is an honour.

If you are led to me, I look forward to working with you as you move forward. If you decide that I am not the practitioner for you, I wish you love and light on your journey.