Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my stomach gurgle during a session?

Please don’t feel embarrassed if your stomach starts to gurgle. You are paying your therapist a huge compliment. The gurgle, especially in Bodytalk is the sound of your body digesting, assimilating and releasing. Releasing emotions from the diaphragm to the intestines is one of the healthiest way that we can deal with our emotions.

Will you tell me what you find out during the session?

Bodytalk: If you are in my clinic I will discuss what your body is telling me before each sequence is tapped out. If it is a remote session I will provide you with an audio describing all of the sequences that your body requested.

Reiki: Whether in clinic or remotely I will feedback all of my experiences of your session at the end. I will not disturb your relaxation process. This feedback can involve areas that needed specific attention, visual information that I received, physical sensations responding to releases that I witnessed and many other unique experiences. Your chakras may be whirling too slow, too erratically, they may be sunken into your body…. so many things may or may not be revealed.

Can my body reveal secrets I’m not comfortable talking about?

Your bodymind knows what is needed for you and will only bring up issues that you are ready to deal with. Similarly, your bodymind will only give information to me that you are ready to share on a subconscious level.

Can Reiki help with self awareness and clarity?

Reiki works to clear all blockages and is very good for raising your vibration, getting more in tune with yourself. This can lead to enlightenment and clearing of past trauma.

Can Bodytalk help to clear childhood drama?

Bodytalk is focused and priority driven. It will work with your present highest priority. There may be many masks and belief systems to remove before you’re ready to release a past trauma.

Can Bodytalk and Reiki help with Meditation?

By raising your vibration (both assist with this) and operating as your true self you will be in a calmer headspace/heart space and should find meditation easier.

Can Reiki and Bodytalk protect me from negative energy?

Yes, they both raise your vibration and strengthen your Qi. Your Qi is the energy flow that flows inside and outside your body creating a layer of protection between yourself and your environment. Bodytalk also identifies and can repair specific damage to your Qi.

What is a Bodytalk shift?

Your body reveals an improvement, the formula to make the adjustment is then tapped out. This involves light tapping and hand placements at key positions to represent the adjustment. The shift you will feel as your body makes the adjustment can be slight, similar to a yawn or dramatic like a wave of emotion.

How do you know where I need Reiki?

There are many ways that will alert me to your reiki needs. Unless otherwise prompted I will start at your head and work down your body. I will feel the Reiki flow as a gentle, or sometimes intense heat flow. When the Reiki stops flowing I will move to the next position. I may however be alerted in other ways, I may receive a visual image or thought directing me. Frequently, I will develop a pain in my body corresponding to the area of your body that needs more attention. Chakras in particular will appear to me when they need individual balancing.