Bodytalk in a nutshell

What is Bodytalk and what does it help with?

Imagine your body is an orchestra. The organs, systems, even your cells need to work together in the same way. If a musician plays one out of tune note, the overall sound is affected.

Your body is a masterpiece of systems that need to work together perfectly to keep your health at an optimal level. Research homeostasis to get a full picture of how many balances your body maintains every second of the day! 🧠 💥

A multitude of issues can arise. Our body can be effected by spiritual, mental and physical issues.

The possibilities for improvement are endless, everything is made up of energy. Mobility can be returned by working at a cellular level to reinstate communication through internal scar tissue. Muscular pain can be eliminated by releasing the emotion that you have stored there, yes, most people store emotions in their body! Depression and anxiety can be reduced or eliminated by removing filters, releasing stored beliefs or strengthening your qi (your protective energy armour) against your environment.

Bodytalk allows me to talk to your body and find where communication needs to be restored, emotions released, meridians unblocked, elemental energy balanced.

Please feel free to ask questions, I am passionate about Bodytalk and I love to talk about it. 😍

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