Chantelle E, Kerikeri, NZ


Lindsey is incredible!! She has helped me quite significantly with some mental health issues, and my partner with physical symptoms related to an old head injury. We have both noticed considerable shifts since our distance Bodytalk sessions with Amethyst Tree. Would highly recommend.


Trudy K, Hamilton, NZ


A truly calming experience. Lindsey was very insightful and I felt very at peace in her care. I could feel my body making the necessary corrections. I would highly recommend this lovely lady.


Nic F, Nelson, NZ


I was working with Lindsey when I was in a very stressful and emotionally draining environment and always found her sessions to bring great calmness and confidence in myself. She worked on several things with me and is very empathetic and gentle, Lindsey is really easy to talk with and gave me empowering words that meant a lot.

I was super thankful to have her wise words and general encouragement as well as everything else which helped me a great deal. đź’ź


Dijana B, Perth, Australia


My experience with having a Bodytalk session with Lindsey has been wonderful. Lindsey is personable and energetically tuned. She is able to promote shifts your body is ready for. I strongly recommend Lindsey. Your bodymind will love you for choosing her as a practitioner. Great work and thank you 🙏 Dijana


Sue K, Richmond, NZ


Work stress. Unexpressed anger. Heartbreak and loss.

The issues are in our tissues. That’s the kind of tissues that make up our internal body’s variety.

I met Lindsey, a Richmond-based Body Talk therapist, in 2019 – I was recovering from a badly sprained ankle. Lindsey knows her way around the complex web of our internal organs and would teach and inform me of her processes.

Lindsey is aware from personal experience that the physical pain she soothes in some cases upon deeper inspection is linked to emotional events that happen in her client’s lives. This was true for me; it was marvelous that she understood what I couldn’t put into words.

As I was led to discover the field of Body Talk, which focuses on tuning in to what the body has to say, rather than whatever “logical” explanation the mind concocts – I was enabled to put in place better self-care routines.

Lindsey taught me to tune into my “living body”, to not ignore it. The physical body is seen as a valuable guide-an ally on the road to mental health and healing…if we learn to listen, learn from it, and heed what it tells us.

Things we used to do primitively to get away from a threat include running, climbing, jumping, swimming, shaking, dancing—all kinds of movement help to complete that stress response, to move it through. Otherwise, it gets stored somewhere.

Lindsey helped me to uncover the unhealthy stores – I felt safe, comfortable and at ease with Lindsey she is an empathic guide to understanding your body better.


Wendy E, Durham, UK


I have had a few live sessions with Lindsey and a few distance sessions. She is very kind and professional and easy to talk to. I have arthritis and am often in a lot of pain both in my knees and my shoulder.. when I have had a session with her the pain has either disappeared or greatly subsided by the next day. I also suffered with sciatica and after a couple of session the pain disappeared and have not had any recurrence. I don’t understand how it works but it does and I would highly recommend body talk with Lindsey.


Pip C, Richmond, NZ


Not having heard of bodytalk before I was unsure what to expect. Right from the start I felt at ease in Lindseys lovely private, peaceful purpose built clinic in a meadow setting, separate to the house.

As Lindsey shared her passion for and knowledge of Bodytalk during the session my thoughts and assumptions were expanded and challenged..

My logical, science based, x affects y, concept of healing was challenged. Bodytalk is exactly that, Lindsey is directed to what is required. It was with a sense of wonder that I felt warmth spreading through the identified muscle attachment.

This was not an area I suggested to Lindsey as in need of healing, although subconsciously it had been causing pain and restricted movement. Immediately after the treatment the range of movement increased and the following day the twinges had gone.

Lindseys calm, focused, genuinely authentic manner left my mind expanded, feeling rested, and renewed.


Daphne L, Auckland


Lindsey’s BodyTalk sessions have opened me up for further connections to my spiritual potential. Her solid knowledge of BodyTalk and her connection to spirituality and the energy field makes her sessions outstanding.